5 Powerful Body Language in Communication – TIPS

5 Powerful Body Language in Communication TIPS

If you want to become a master and develop these deep long-lasting relationships in business, you really have to understand body language, because body language is extremely important.

Think about our everyday communication. Just some of it is about the verbal signals. Most of our communication is nonverbal. It’s about your body language, your facial expressions, and so on.

Powerful Body Language in Communication

Now, think about the situation from your childhood or maybe your teen years, if you’re a bit older now. Imagine that you were watching the television and then your parents just switched off the volume at some point because they had a very important phone call to make. Now, could you still understand what was going on? Of course you could, because you could see all this body language. You could understand all those interactions without even listening to what people were saying.

Basically, this is what’s happening every single day. Sometimes, you look at the person and you know what’s going on. You don’t even have to speak. You know what’s going on and the same applies to networking and business environment. When you approach people, when you start talking to them, when you initiate that interaction, it’s not just about what you are saying, but how you are saying it.

It’s how you project yourself and it’s very important to have this positive body language. So, in this article, I’m just going to give you a couple of very simple tips that you can implement straight away. I can guarantee you quick results.

Powerful Body Language in Communication TIP#1:

Open Position and The Closed Position

The first thing is knowing the difference between the open position and the closed position.

When you have an open position with open arms, basically, you are projecting, “I’m open to you, I’m genuine.” How would any one feel if you were talking to them with your arms crossed and with a closed posture. They would feel that you are a bit defensive, maybe you are not genuine, and maybe you are not telling the truth.

Powerful Body Language in Communication

So, it’s very important to approach business situations with open position. Never cross your arms. It’s not just about this. Don’t cover your body because it projects that you may be a little bit insecure. Maybe you lack confidence, you don’t feel comfortable and so on.

So, always keep the open position and always try to show your palms, because there is something about showing your palms that mostly rates that you know you’re willing to build the relationship with the other person and that you’re genuine.

Powerful Body Language in Communication TIP#2:

Never Touch Your Face

Another thing is to never touch your face. I mean, obviously, if it’s a bit itchy, you can scratch yourself, but really avoid touching your face. Especially avoid covering your mouth because what’s happening is that the moment you touch your face, and especially the moment you cover your mouth, people can sense on the subconscious level that something is wrong. You seem less genuine, you seem like you may be lying.

Powerful Body Language in Communication

When we were kids or when you have a small kid and he is lying to his mother, what usually happens is that he is covering his face so the mother says, “Oh Johnny, did you eat that chocolate?” and he’s like, “No, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me (with hand on mouth).” If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.

This is what’s happening. So, we adults we do the same thing. Just not to that extent, but we cover our faces just a little bit. The other people or other person can sense it now.

Powerful Body Language in Communication TIP#3:


Another thing is the handshake. When you start an interaction with a new person, make sure that you have a very strong and very firm handshake. Avoid the fish handshake, because it doesn’t really project too much confidence.

Basically, what’s happening is when you give a limp hand, it shows that you have some insecurities. It shows that you’re not totally sure about yourself. It doesn’t project much confidence and that’s not what you want to do.

What you want to do is to give them a very firm handshake. Basically, show them that you are confident, that you believe in your abilities, and that you are a strong individual.

Powerful Body Language in Communication TIP#4:


Powerful Body Language in Communication

Another very important thing is your smile. Always smile and of course, I don’t want you to overdo it. You shouldn’t just walk in over smiling. It’s fake. You shouldn’t smile in a fake way, but always focus on smiling. Try to smile at least a little bit just to show to the other person that that you’re cool, that you’re nice, that you are relaxed, or that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Powerful Body Language in Communication TIP#5:

Eye Contact

The last thing I would like you to know is about your eye contact. Basically, paying attention to maintaining that direct eye contact. What some people do is, when they meet that new person, they kind of wander around with their eyes and they seem disinterested. They are wondering, “Oh, maybe I should speak to that person.” Especially in your networking event or conference, there are many people around. Instead of focusing on that one person you are talking to, you’re simply just looking.

Powerful Body Language in Communication

The other person can basically sense that you are not fully engaged in the conversation, that you’re basically looking for some sort of way out. You shouldn’t do it if you want to build really deep relationships with people. If you want to find a common ground, build the connection straight away then. You should fully focus on them.

If you can’t really look people directly in the eyes because you feel uncomfortable, try to look at their mouth. The reality is that they will still think that you are looking into their eyes, but you feel way more comfortable looking somewhere near to the eyes.

~~~~5 Powerful Body Language in Communication TIPS~~~~

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