10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Signs of Depression

10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Signs of Depression

10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Signs of Depression

If you have friends like me, then there is a 1 in 4 chance that they have or will suffer with mental health problems or do have different signs of depression.
Depression being the most common in merry old England.
But the question arises, “What do say to somebody with signs of Depression?”

This article is about the 10 worst things to say to someone with signs of depression

Number 10:

” I was Depressed Once”

Nowadays, the word depressed is thrown around a lot.
A little bit like “Love”
Feeling depressed and being depressed are totally two different things.
A person can feel depressed for a little time, where being in depression for a person can last for many months and years, and the severity of it is usually enlarged when you have signs of depression.

Number 9:

“Think Positive”

This is one of those moments when some say these words, “Think Positive” to a person having signs of depression, positive thinking just goes straight out of the window. If it was that easy, nobody would suffer  depression.

Number 8:

“Have a Cup of Tea”

Believe it or not, but I was actually told this by somebody when I called up the samaritans helpline.
It actually reminded me of a certain character when one lady forcefully asked a man to have a cup of tea and ended up pouring hot tea on his hand.

Number 7:

“You don’t really have depression”

10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Signs of Depression

This is for all those who think they are doctors and think they know me better than I know myself.
Simply because I’m not sobbing my eyes out every minute of the day or if you see me having a laugh with my friends, it doesn’t mean I don’t have depression or signs of depression.
Saying this doesn’t only isolate someone but can also make somebody who may be seriously ill question themselves. So, please don’t say this to a person having signs of depression.

Number 6:

“You look normal though”

Now, you don’t know whether or not to take this as a praise or a back-handed compliment. Whatever it is, if I do look normal, it’s only because I try hard.

Number 5:

“Isn’t that what Serial killers have”

Differing to trendy belief, not every person with signs of depression  is a Hannibal Lecter of hollywood.

Number 4:

“You brought this onto yourself”

This logic makes as much sense as an evil dentist wrestler, or even an evil mummy wrestler, or an evil… whatever wrestler… Anyways, this is more common than you’d imagine, reasons ranging from past sin to the wrath of God.

Number 3:

“That’s life-get used to it”

It’s hard enough to hear this from someone, when you’re not suffering with a mental illness. Let alone with one. This doesn’t just hurt a person’s pride, it makes them feel inferior, leading them to believe that nobody can understand them and that’s a very lonely place and you will see different Signs of Depression in that person.

Number 2:

“Why are you depressed?”

10 Worst Things to Say to Someone with Signs of Depression

I was sat down like a little child and asked that very question.
All of us have triggers that may result in setting off our mood and get ourselves depressed.
At times, we cannot think of any specific reason of what we are feeling or why we are feeling down.
Similar to asking someone with hay fever, “Why are you allergic to the outside?”
You’d get the same answer… “I Don’t know.”

Number 1:

“You should stop taking those pills”

Out of all the things you could advise anyone, this is the most irresponsible. You don’t go up to your friend with type II diabetes and ask them to flush their medication down the toilet.

Similarly, having signs of depression is as real as any physical illness. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, even doctors fail to understand that.


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