7 Signs of Narcissism

October 12, 2017

7 Signs of Narcissism

Today, I’m going to tell you about the under-the-radar signs about someone you’re with, related to,  friends with, or so forth who has narcissistic personality disorder or is a narcissist.

7 Signs of Narcissism

Here are seven signs of Narcissism:

Signs of Narcissism #1 : They are Very Likable in the Beginning

7 Signs of Narcissism

One of the first signs and kind of a signs that oftentimes I hear is when people say, “How did I fall for this person?” You know why you were so susceptible to them? The answer is that they’re very likable on the front end. They’re attractive. They’re seductive. People want to be around them.

They usually make other people feel good. They make them feel special to make them feel cool, just for being around them. So, it is very easy to get sucked into who they are. Usually you are too far into the relationship once you figure some of these things out, which makes it very difficult.

Signs of Narcissism #2 : Relationship Shifting

It is always about them. That’s kind of something that people know, but how they go about doing is what’s interesting. So, while it is all about them, usually what they’ll do is, they’ll shift during the  relationship and will start out as seemingly even. So, it’s their friends and your friends or it’s their family and your family.

7 Signs of Narcissism

It will slowly shift into being all about them. Their friends, their family, and they will slowly begin to say things about your friends and family to in a sense, shift the way at which you look at them or think of them.

Signs of Narcissism #3 : Changes The View of your Friends and Family

They might say your friends are kind of boring or, “We’ve outgrown them” or “They don’t understand  us anymore.” In turn, you spend less time with your friends and family and more time with the narcissist person.

Signs of Narcissism #4 : Play the Victim

Another thing is that they play the victim very well. They are often telling stories about how they were made fun of, how they didn’t get what everybody else got, or they were bullied. These types of things are used in order to gain sympathy, attention, etc.

7 Signs of Narcissism

It also shifts the way in which people think about them. It’s hard to see somebody narcissistic if they had been bullied. Why would somebody who is a narcissist to be bullied with? Maybe the bully. Well, yes, and turn in later on in life they are, but at that point in the story, it’s a manipulation. It’s a way to talk about how they didn’t get what everyone else got, how they were abused, etc.

Signs of Narcissism #5 : Unsolicited and Unknown Competition

One of the common things that is really hard to notice and is not always discussed with an NPD is often times you are in a competition. You had no idea that you signed up for it. They may be competing with you and you have no clue until it’s too late.

7 Signs of Narcissism

So, when you are nice, when you do things well, they are always trying to one-up you. At some point, you may see this and go, “Wait a minute! Why are they trying to one-up me?  I’m happy for them. Why are they not just happy for me?”

They are in constant competition with you. You know you’re unaware. It should be very frustrating because you don’t want to continue to compliment them when all they want to do is ensure that you’re not doing well.

In turn they end up hurting you. They keep becoming more competitive with you and want to defeat you.

Signs of Narcissism #6 : They Won’t Show Up

7 Signs of Narcissism

If it’s not about them, they’re unlikely to show up. Whether literally or figuratively. So, if there is a party or birthday party, celebration of graduation or anything like a baby shower, if it’s not about them, there’s a good chance they’re not going to come. They can’t stand the fact that somebody else is getting attention. If they know they will not get the attention,, they’ll usually not come. If they do come, they’ll be very un-involved and even bored.

Signs of Narcissism #7 : Terrible Gift Givers

7 Signs of Narcissism

One thing about narcissists is typically giving very bad gifts. That’s often times because giving gifts is about making other people feel good. It’s not about you and what you give. It’s about the other person getting what they want and narcissists typically are not good at that. So, gift giving is something that they aren’t very good at.

Keep these in mind as there may be signs that you are in a relationship with a narcissist.

~~~~7 Signs of Narcissism~~~~

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