5 Five Personality Traits – BIG ONES !

The big five personality traits

Personality Traits five big

The big five personality traits#1


Openness Personality Traits five big

High scorers in personality trait of openness are unconventional, creative, intellectual, and inquisitive. They have lively imaginations and like to listen to new and unusual opinions.

Low scorers are conventional, traditional. They dislike foreign and unfamiliar things. They are different to intellectual pursuits and dislike being exposed to bizarre views and ideas.

Studies have shown that both high and low levels of openness can be beneficial depending on the task.

People high at openness typically tend to do better at creative pursuits and research while lower levels of openness can be advantageous in accounting, police work, and sales.

The big five personality traits#2


Conscientiousness personality Traits 5 big

High scorers in personality trait of  conscientiousness are well organized hard-working, self disciplined, efficient, thorough and orderly with their things in time. While low scorers are absent-minded, messy. They find it hard to motivate themselves to complete their work and duties.

They don’t mind in completeness or inaccuracies and are disorganized with their surroundings and schedules. On the other hand, people low at conscientiousness can be seen as more spontaneous and playful while very high levels of conscientiousness may predispose a person for work-holism and perfectionism.

The big five personality traits#3


Extroversion five big personality traits

High scorers in personality trait of extroversion are outgoing, lively, social, talkative, assertive, cheerful, and enjoy social interactions. However, low scorers are reserved, quiet, low-key, and need more time alone to feel at ease.

In the Big Five system, extroversion is defined as outer directed activity and should not be taken to mean pro-social. Extroversion does not, for instance, describe the extent to which a person takes a genuine interest in others, only their general level of externally oriented activity.

Introverts are not social, but typically need less stimulation and prefer to spend more time alone.

The big five personality traits#4



High scorers in personality trait of agreeableness are tolerant, mild, kind, forgiving, gentle, altruistic, and accommodating. Since they value getting along with others, they are flexible in their opinions and reluctant to criticize or judge. People with low agreeableness are skeptical, stubborn, quarrelsome, self-interested, and blunt.

Disagreeable people also tend to defend their views and opinions fiercely and to take a critical view of others. Agreeable people are therefore usually better liked  than disagreeable people.

On the other hand, agreeableness is not always useful in situations that require tough or objective decisions. Studies have shown that low levels of agreeableness can be advantageous for leaders and lawyers.

The big five personality traits#5


Neuroticism Five 5 big personality traits


High scorers in personality trait of Neuroticism are worrisome, anxious, depressive, self-conscious, and vulnerable to stress and depression. Low scorers are calm, stable, serene, not prone to worry, and not easily irritated, stressed, or embarrassed.

Being low in neuroticism may thus be perceived as desirable, but, on the other hand, people with very low neuroticism scores may also be too carefree and liable to underestimate potential threats in their environment.


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