How to be more CONFIDENT – 10 TIPS

How to be more Confident

How to be more Confident Tip 1 : Good Posture

How to be more Confident

Tip number one on how to be more confident is  a good posture. How you carry yourself tells the story about how you feel about yourself. When you are hunched over, you’re not only feeling unconfident, but you show it as well.

On the other hand, when you see somebody entering the room walking tall with straight shoulders, and chin up, that person exudes self-confidence. That person is usually the one attracting all the other people around. So, practice the posture daily. Practice while you’re walking,  sitting at your desk, brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, and while you’re reading this article right now.

In doing so, you will automatically feel more confident.

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How to be more Confident Tip 2 : Walk Faster

How to be more Confident

Tip number two is to walk faster. For most of us, that means about 20-25%  faster than we are currently walking. When you are down on yourself, you are bound to be dragging your feet, but when you walk a little bit faster, you are essentially saying.

“I am going somewhere.”

“I have places to be.”

” I know where I’m going.”

Just by walking slightly faster, your attitude can change.

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How to be more Confident Tip 3 : Speak Slower and more Clear  

How to be more Confident

This is something else that’s really simple, but that makes a really big difference. You may have noticed already that people in positions of power people with authority in general they don’t speak a million miles an hour like “I try to do interview if I can tackle the information”  NOOO…

They articulate their words well. They are very eloquent. A person with confidence speaks like this, a little bit slower because they are thinking, “I’m very selective with what I’m saying. I’m giving myself the proper time to make sure that what comes out of my mouth is not only thought out, but eloquent as well and worthy of listening.”

If you are naturally a fast talker, accept that this will take some time, so don’t give yourself a hard time. Try practicing it every day. Don’t stop trying and without realizing , you will retrain yourself into a new way of speaking. People around you will be more captivated and your self-esteem will increase.

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How to be more Confident Tip 4 : Work Out  

How to be more Confident

This one is my least favorite and that is to work it out. It is something that we have to do because physical fitness has a huge effect on self-esteem. If you are out of shape, you feel insecure. You feel unattractive. You’ll have less energy and all of that will affect you more than you may think.

If you haven’t done it in a while or you hate doing it, turn by committing yourself to moving your body one day a week…. just one day a week….. do that for a couple of weeks and then go to twice a week and three times a week and so on…!

Decide that you want to have more confidence. Ask yourself how you feel having more confidence and how it will affect your life and then just freaking do it.

Having the discipline to work out not only makes you look better, but feel better and it creates a positive momentum that really helps with the self-esteem.

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How to be more Confident Tip 5 : Exercise Your Mind Muscles   

In addition to your body, you also have to keep your mind in shape as well. So, make a list of 10 things that help keep your mind feeling nourished and make sure you are incorporating at least one or two of those things into your routine on a weekly basis. Reading a book, playing an instrument, learning a new language,  watching the smarty pants show like the ones on Discovery or History Channel, going to a museum,  or doing something that’s good for your brain  every week because knowledge is a big source of empowering.

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How to be more Confident Tip 6 : Smile More   

How to be more Confident

Just smile more. Make a conscious effort to smile 50% more than you currently do.

Do it right now!

Force yourself to put a smile on your face every day. Even if you don’t feel like it, see how many times you can catch yourself without one. You will be surprised at how much smiling can change your attitude. Try smiling at everyone you see. Without even realizing, your mind will shift away from what is burdening  you.

Smiling also helps with other things, like your likability factor, your power of persuasion, and closing sales. Just like with all the other tips, practice smiling every day.

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How to be more Confident Tip Tip 7 : Start a Healthy New Habit   

Start a healthy new habit. No one might like exchanging and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It could just be to start the day with some more lemon water because it helps boost your metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body.

It could be to start journaling or going on a hike every weekend. The key though, is to keep it as consistent. Once you build the new habit, you will not only have a new healthy element in your life, but your self-esteem will go up and you will feel really good about yourself as a result.

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How to be more Confident Tip 8 : Smell Therapy

Your favorite fragrance can do more than simply make you smell nice. As it turns out, it can actually make you more confident. According to one study, 90% of the women said that they actually felt more confident when wearing the fragrance compared to the times when they did not put any fragrance on. That is because your olfactory system, also known as your sense of smell, is connected to the limbic system, which is part of the brain responsible for interpreting memories and emotions. So think about it. What is the perfume that makes you feel amazing whenever you lather it on?  It just brings out fond memories and makes you feel good.

Think about it and start wearing it more, particularly on the days when you wake up feeling less than your best. Furthermore, when you put it on, your brain will be able to connect to that feeling again and your mood and energy will go up.

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How to be more Confident Tip 9 : Power Pose   

How to be more Confident

Throwing our hands up in the air is actually referred to as a power pose. It’s called that because you are expanding your body. You’re making yourself puff up. You’re bigger and when you think about it, most animals in the wild have a mechanism very similar to that to ward off predators. It works.

Kids bust this move out anytime or anywhere. Just copy them. If you just do it for a minute or two in the morning, when you wake up, before meeting with the big boss, or do a presentation, you will instantly give yourself a boost of confidence.

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How to be more Confident Tip 10 : Visualize Feeling Confident   

Every day, ideally immediately after you wake up and before going to bed, I would like for you to close your eyes and then imagine yourself feeling confident. Visualize it very powerfully and feel your heart growing. Feel like hair is sitting out in the back of your neck. Feel like a million bucks and tell yourself that you will feel amazing today. You will overcome. You will prevail. You will succeed and you will not lose, with confidence.

Evoking all of these senses in making this minute of visualization a really powerful and vivid one will instantly put a pep in your step and you will feel more confident.

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