How to Love your Job..Secrets!

September 18, 2018

How to Love your Job..Secrets!

love your job


In this blog, I am going to reveal how you can love your job.

It can be any job you do; let it be working at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, MacDonald’s, and wherever you work!

I’m here to tell you how you’re going to love it and I know it sounds cheesy, but this is so true and possible. When I look at this world and interact with people day to day, there are far too many people miserable in their jobs.


love the job

They’re just not there and it might be even you right now. You may be satisfied with the current job you currently have or you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m so much better than this. I can do better. I can do a better job, but I’m stuck in this nowhere job.”

The reality is that there’s no job that is like a dead-end job. You make it a dead-end job. Every job has an amazing thing in store for you.


job as a learning opportunity

The secret is to look at each job as a stepping stone and each job is an opportunity to learn something new, because every job no matter what it is, has amazing opportunities for learning and growth.

So, the way to love your job, you must look at your job like, “Okay! What can I learn from this job? What can I learn to make myself better, so that when I grow and learn, I will become a better person and it will help me in the future?”

For example, I start out just like everybody else with no work experience. When you start out, you have no work experience.


take one step at a time and love your job

In the real world, everyone’s working. We have to start somewhere in the first place. So, for me, I started really early. I started working at 10am selling flowers on the street. It was one of my first jobs. After that, as I grew up, one of my first official jobs was being a stock person in a retail store.

A stock person goes in the back room and organizes. You have to do all the low work that nobody wants to do and I was so excited doing that, because I felt, “Wow! This is my first real job.”


I get to work with people and that was very exciting at that time. It was an opportunity to learn and grow. That’s what I did and I was enthusiastic. I was learning, also, asking questions, seeing more, and learning more about the business. The manager noticed that  and said, “Wow! You’re really into it.”

Eventually, I moved up to be a cashier from a stocker. I was so excited to be a cashier. I thought that I get to deal with real money, that it was incredible. This was a step up.

You have to remember back at the time when you first got your job. How were you feeling? Were you excited?

If you weren’t excited, I feel sorry for you because you should be excited any time you start your work. Being a cashier, I had to not only deal with cash, I dealt with customers and real people.

In that role, I got to learn more about psychology and people. I was always learning and that enhanced my speaking skillscommunication, understanding, and patience.

Furthermore, from then on, I went to work at a bank until I got to a point where I wanted to start my own business.

When I decided to start my business, actually running a business, all of those jobs beforehand from being a stock person to being a cashier all helped me open my business.


The jobs allowed me to understand and be better at what I do today. Without those jobs, without those roles, I wouldn’t be as good as I am today and that’s why I’m forever grateful to have had those jobs, small careers, or whatever might be that many people look down upon and feel, “I’m better than this”.


love your job

I agree that you are better, but you can get a lot better if you learn from where you are at the moment. That is what’s going to help. You can turn the job from a dead-end job to a job which helps you grow and grow beyond it, because, you’ll come to a point where you learned everything and had to learn in this job.

After that, it’s your time to go somewhere else and learn more. You will know that, because you will feel it. That’s kind of a signal for you, as well to know, “Is there still opportunity to learn?” It’s great if you’re no longer learning and you’ve really tried to learn everything. It’s time to move on and you got to make that step up.


This is really the secret to love your job. It is to look at it as a learning opportunity and that’s when the beauty was started and that’s when you will start moving up. Your bosses will notice you, because they see that you’re curious. You’re asking questions  and showing interest in your job tasks. Your boss might want to promote you, without you even asking.

It’s really all about the mindset. Once you switch that mindset, all of a sudden, your work that was boring before becomes exciting. You can really put this to use and make a difference by looking at your job as a learning opportunity.

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