Personality Test (MCMI-III)

December 4, 2018




Your test will be scored and interpreted by a qualified licensed clinician. Your report will be available within 7 working days of submission date.  Kindly wait for the email from

The MCMI-III is composed of 175 true-false questions and usually takes the average person less than 30 minutes to complete. After the test is scored, it produces 29 scales — 24 personality and clinical scales, and 5 scales used to verify how the person approached and took the test.
The test consists of 14 personality disorder scales and 10 clinical syndrome scales, each of which helps to determine whether the person may have a personality disorder, or a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety.
Such personality disorders are listed below:

Personality Disorder Scales

  • 1. Schizoid
  • 2A. Avoidant
  • 2B. Depressive
  • 3. Dependent
  • 4. Histrionic
  • 5. Narcissistic
  • 6A. Antisocial