Pros and Cons of Social Media

November 26, 2017

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Pros and Cons -1

Facebook Effect on People

Pros and Cons of Social Media

In the past decade, the number of people using social media has skyrocketed when Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard University.

Just 10 years ago, its use was limited to Harvard students. Since it became available for any user over 13 in the world just eight years ago in 2006, the website has acquired 1 billion, three hundred and ten million users worldwide, making it the most widely used website in history.

The fastest growing demographic of Facebook users is the 45 to 55 year old age group. Also rapidly increasing  are the number of businesses, both large and small, creating Facebook accounts to promote their products and services.

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Another Platform for Celebrities

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Nearly any big name in music, sports, and movies that you could think of has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for users to like and follow.

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Does Age Play into Social Media?

Pros and Cons of Social Media

It’s pretty obvious that we spend quite a bit of our time on it, but does age play into it?

Research has shown that 18 to 24 year olds spend 3.8 hours on it. 35 to 49 year olds spend 3 hours and 50 to 64 year olds spend 2.4 hours. Judging from new statistics, it appears that younger individuals are the most captivated by social media.

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Tool for Communication

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media definitely has its ups and downs. It can support communicating with people you haven’t spoken to in a while, also allowing conversations over long distances.

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Tools for Sharing Work Related Things

People can also use it to share info such as homework, assignments, photographs or simply spreading the word on a certain topic.

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Social Media Role In Business

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Finally, it can be used to publish business and event details. For example, if someone hosts a birthday party, he or she can post the event details on a Facebook group page that only the guests can see.

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Privacy Invasion By Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

As fun and useful as social media can be, it has many serious issues as well.

Let’s start with the invasion of privacy. Whenever someone posts a picture or a status update, all of their friends can see it.

This also includes accounts that appear to be safe that are secretly predators.

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Cyber Bullying on Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

There is the concept of Cyber bullying. Although insults on pictures and status updates can be deleted, the victim still sees them.

This type of abuse can lead to depression and even suicide.

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FOMO Effect By Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

When we constantly see people post pictures on their Instagram accounts of glamorous vacations and shots of them with their boyfriend or girlfriend, we start to feel what is called FOMO (The fear of missing out). This causes anxiety and makes people think that they are not having an enjoyable life, because they only see the appealing photos posted by their friends.

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Unnecessary Pressure to Fit-In

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Furthermore, people can feel a pressure to fit in, by dressing and behaving like the people they see on social media. If they don’t have a social media account and don’t post the right things on it, they just might be ignored by their friends.

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Drop In Self Confidence

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Similar to magazines and television, social media can potentially cause drops in self esteem and distorted self-image in people. Especially girls, by subjecting them to unrealistic beauty standards.

Considering that social media can really make life difficult and cause unnecessary stress, it can be a great tool if we choose to correctly use it without addiction.

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