How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity! (5 Steps to Changing the Way Your Mind Works)

How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity!

How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity!


The way we understand the brain in general has changed drastically in about the past hundred years. Because for the most part, we used to think that the way our brain functions, the way the neurons and synapses combine within our mind, that it was set after puberty. It never could change again once we hit that certain age.

Essentially, as an adult, our way of thinking, our way of life at that point was unchangeable. It was not something you could redo or redirect, but that isn’t really the case anymore. We know now that the brain is changeable. The brain is interactive. We can change the way we think and the way our mind works.

So, is it possible by rewiring our brain to completely edit and change the way we live, the things we do, the way we reason, and  think about things in certain ways?

Let’s find out!

The reason the brain changes so much, how it’s so adaptable in our life, and the things we do is because of something called Neuroplasticity. It just means brain plasticity, the ability for our brain to create these new neural connections within our mind and do so throughout our entire life.

It allows us the ability to recover from TBI’s or traumatic brain injuries to overcome both psychological and physiological damages that we may receive or have to deal with in our youth and growing up.

As well as simply being something, we can master and change the neural connections in our brain, to think in a more positive or progressive manner.

You can fully change the way you think about the universe and the way you perceive the universe by yourself.

Why can the brain do this? Why can the brain exhibit Neuroplasticity? Well, the main reason we think it’s possible is because it has to do with survival. This ability allows us to adapt to our surroundings and because of that, creates the most efficient reality we can harness, but it’s not just something we do by choice.



It happens without our consent. It happens now actually, as well. We see these effects across the world, like the people of Thailand being able to contract their pupils by up to 22% to see farther under water, therefore, to catch more fish.

This is just one really noticeable example that we’ve caught onto and realize are not genetic, but because of Neuroplasticity. In one single lifetime, these people change these parts of their brain on their own to adapt to their surroundings and to better live their lives. The craziest thing about these effects is they are not genetic.

Neuroplasticity is not something passed down that certain people are better at than others. It is something we can harvest and harness, simply in our own lifetime. Just that simple fact that we are literally capable of rewriting our own brains, our own life, and changing it completely is astonishing to me.



It’s an amazing thing that I feel that most people don’t know about, because Neuroplasticity really isn’t a common topic. So, from these amazing effects of Neuroplasticity and our ability to rewrite our mind, how can we use this ability and enact this ability and our daily life to change it for the better? Because these are the type of things that we see in spiritual practices, which we might not know about in Western civilization, such as cultivation of self, you see bettan monks meditating for hours on end.

This is a form of Neuroplasticity meditation is shown to rewrite the way the brain works.

Five different ways that we can rewrite our brain to live in a more effective way-(Neuroplasticity):

I’ve come up with five different ways that we can rewrite our brain to live in a more effective way, happier way, and positive way throughout the rest of our lives if you enact these changes.

Let’s check them out!

Positive Affirmation:

This is positive affirmation or the law of attraction, the mind state of essentially finding positivity in any situation doesn’t matter what it be, because you have to remember there are two sides to every coin.

Every situation has a light, even the tunnel, no matter how dark it may seem, we must use positive affirmation for everything. It’s not something you simply use when you’re in turmoil or in a negative situation. You have to use this positive thinking to enact it in every situation.

Just these simple little things, no matter what it may be, these positive affirmations will change the way you think over time, to always look on the bright side of things that are going on, and always think with a positive mind state in mind.

 Increase Your Awareness:


Along these lines is increasing your awareness to everything going on around you, not just your pinpoint vision of your life and the things you want that are right in front of you. This is really big on understanding negative emotions, in a way we deal with them. We like to hide them away or suppress these negative emotions.

Instead of doing this, we need to understand them to analyze them to increase our awareness about why we might need these negative emotions, why they exist, and break them down and try to realize what caused them? What about you ticks in a way that makes these negative emotions come out?

You can use this knowledge over time. There’s Neuroplastic effects to tweak your brain into understanding your emotions at all time.

So, whenever you start getting sad, instead of wallowing in it,  you’ll start to understand why you’re getting sad. It helps you kind of understand and stop and think about why you are sad.

This also includes factors such as judging people. We all judge instinctively, but it’s all about analyzing. Why do we judge? It’s about stopping, understanding that judgment, and  breaking it down to its core to understand it better. This is all part of increasing your awareness of asking more questions about the simple things in life that we kind of tend to gloss over or maybe not notice. Neuroplasticity creates a very deep insight into the self, the way you think.

Start Every Day with a Positive Mind:

How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity! (5 Steps to Changing the Way Your Mind Works)




You got to start every day positively, no matter what’s going on. If you start your day by waking up and dreading what’s coming, you will never create this effect within yourself.

You have to find things worth waking up for. Forward positively opening your eyes of starting your day and this can be as simple as a daily routine.  I do the same thing. Almost every morning, I wake up. I stretch, I put on good music, I cook breakfast while singing that music, and then I get my day started. No matter what happens after that point, I have had a great morning, because I make myself.  I force myself to enjoy that moment of peace and that little bit of transparency going into my day.

Because a lot of people wake up and think of work, school, or what if X Y Z isn’t done, they feel negative.

You don’t have to think this way waking up and you can rewire your brain in a positive and effective manner. When you make your strategy waking up a positive, effective, and happy one, an enjoyable outcome ensues. This will give you more motivation going into your day than almost anything else.

Brain Lateralization:

How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity! (5 Steps to Changing the Way Your Mind Works)

Brain lateralization is a more detailed one, a little harder to do. Essentially, it is thinking with your entire brain in mind now. Our left brain and our right brain is a common thing that we know about. Our right brain is involved in being very creative and emotional. The left brain is very scientific, analytical, and focuses on precision. From that, you can lateralize the way you think by including the other side into things.

That might not include it originally. This was a lot more complicated. So, say you’re making art or something. Make it a mathematical art project. You know it’s creative, but you’re using math in at the same time or when you’re going with your intuition, and analyze while you’re going with intuition.

These are opposite factors that you can combine into one solid structure. That gives you a 360 view on the thought on that action and on that idea that you have. Therefore, it increases your awareness and gives you better understanding about exactly what you’re doing in ways you might have never thought of before. This is probably the most effective method. It really has you analyzing.

Don’t Hide Your Happiness:

How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity! (5 Steps to Changing the Way Your Mind Works)

The last step to rewiring our brand in a productive method, in a positive influential method, is not to be scared to be happy. You have to embrace happiness.

You have to really not be scared of it. A lot of people will hide this in public. We live in a society where people would rather cloak themselves with this serious stern emotional affect and go about their day like that. You don’t have to do that.Furthermore, You can listen to music and dance as you walk down the side of the street.As well as, You can laugh at certain things that are going on without being joked about or ridiculed. It doesn’t really matter.

Other people are into their serious lives. They don’t really understand that happiness is a choice. I truly believe that you should be as happy as you want every day. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you’re doing. I’m always happy, whether if somebody is mean or has a stern look on their face as they pass me by on the street. I’ll still smile and enjoy my day, because I know it’s a beautiful day. If you go through your day being all serious and stubborn, you’re not going to be happy.

You have to be physically happy as well and embrace the emotions in the same way. It will become relevant whether or not you even notice it. You will be happier naturally because you are exhibiting that happiness physically.

So, that is essentially Neuroplasticity and the five steps you can use to rewire your brain and think in a positive effective manner for changing your life.

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