Self Motivation – 8 Basic Tips

Self Motivation – 8 Basic Tips

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Man using scissors to remove the word, “I can’t do it” to read “I can do it” concept for self belief, positive attitude, and motivation.

Here are Eight Tips that we’re going to use to help for Self Motivation.

Self Motivation Tip 1 :  Get Enough Sleep

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Your willpower is an exhaustible resource and this is known as ego depletion. A good night’s sleep will aid in this.

Self Motivation Tip 2 : Get Started

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Have a goal and just do it. Something known as the Zeigarnik Effect nags us until we complete a task that we already started. So simply starting a task means you’re more likely to finish it.

Self Motivation Tip 3 : Surround Yourself with Motivated People

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Surround yourself with people who motivate you. We’re often told that peer pressure is bad, but in the case of making new habits, the people around you can really help you, someone who says, “Guys, let’s get up, let’s do it.”

Self Motivation Tip 4 : Take Breaks

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Take breaks instead of working for two hours straight. Try and focus for only 25 minutes with a scheduled break after. This is known as the Pomodoro Technique.

This technique is known to enhance mental agility.

Self Motivation Tip 5 : Make Sure You Eat Right

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Think back to a day when you were really productive, what did you eat that day? Our bodies convert food into glucose, which provides energy to our brain to stay alert, but unfortunately, not all foods are metabolized equally.

Foods high in sugar release their glucose quickly, giving a rush of energy to the body that then slumps off. While foods high in fat, like a burger, provides sustained energy, they also are a lot of work on our stomachs. This decreases the amount of oxygen in our brain and makes us feel tired.

A tip to making better snack decisions is to pick what you are going to eat before you get hungry.

Self Motivation Tip 6 : Turn Your Goal Into a New Habit

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Often our goals don’t work out, because they’re not specific enough. Instead, break that goal down into a habit. So, if your goal is to try and save money, maybe you can start making your own coffee instead of buying it.

Self Motivation Tip 7 : Break Up Day into Specific Tasks

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

For me, I like to break up my day into specific tasks instead of jumping all over them all the time. So, for example, I’ll do an hour and a half of something that involves being creative. Then an hour and a half of communication and an hour and a half of research. That way, your brain can focus on specific tasks at hand.

Self Motivation Tip 8 : Start on a Monday

Self Motivation - 8 Basic Tips

Research suggests that we may be more likely to follow through with our goals if we start on a Monday. Temporal landmarks actually help us to separate our past failures. So a new week, a new mean.

We hope that those tips will help you stay motivated and execute your goals in your life. Let us know in the comments below what your goals are because we’re curious. Maybe we’ll add them to our goal.

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