Six Signs You May Have Depression and not even know it



Depression isn’t always easy to spot. Social media often depict it in its most serious stage. With raging mood swings and intense hopelessness. But depression can range from mild to severe and it has a habit of sneaking up on us, in our everyday routines.

This is why many people often struggle with it silently. When the symptoms aren’t always so clear cut.

Here are 6 signs you may have depression and not even know it.

1. You keep yourself crazy busy


The older we get, the more natural it is for our schedules to fill up with duties to fulfill and chores to complete. But when you have depression you are more likely to drown yourself in work A study published in the journal shows that there is a coloration between work-holism and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Such as anxiety and depression.

Medical doctor SooMi Lee-Samuel at Tiberlines, sStates that keeping busy might be a way for people to ignore or avoid painful issues, that may be contributing to or triggering their depression.

Your boss might be pleased with your work ethics and your kitchen counter might be spic  and span. But we encourage you to pay close attention to your heart. If it feels heavier than usual please don’t hesitate to reach out to others for help.

2. You’re hurting everywhere


Pain and depression are closely linked and related to one another. In many people, depression can explain may explainable physical symptoms. Such as back pain and headaches The reverse also holds true, in which chronic pain can lead to depression along with various other problems. Such as difficulty sleeping, stress, low self esteem due to legal, work, or financial issues.

We recommend you talk to a doctor, and seek the right treatment that works for you Whether it means taking medication, using talk therapy, attending pain rehabilitation programs or practicing stress reliving techniques.

3. You’ve either gained or lost a lot of weight


Depression can make you swing in extremes. In one direction or the other. If you notice a difference in your appetite, whether it’s gone down or went up. It might have to do with the emotional pain you are feeling.

Some people don’t feel like eating when they are down and dejected. Whereas others who usually eat healthy might have a craving for junk food and take out as they try to fill up the void in their lives.

We recommend that you try healthy comfort food recipes to keep yourself nourished with the essential nutrients your body needs during stressful times.

4. You can’t seem to make up your mind


Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo author of “Better than perfect”. States that logically when we are depressed, we lose grey matter that affects the parts in our brain that facilitates our motivation and decision making.

Even the smallest decisions we make on the daily basis like choosing coffee or tea can be a struggle, when we lack focus and determination. The next time you have problem making a choice, try to go with your first instinct and know that you still have the power to turn things around. if you feel like you made the wrong decision.

5. You are glued to your phone or computer


Simon Rego, a Associate Professor of clinical Psychiatry and director of Psychology Training at Montefiore Medical Center states that people with depression often go on a quest for  short term boost as a common coping mechanism.

Whether that means gambling, Facebooking or shopping virtual social interactions are sought more then real ones from those that are depressed. In fact, although internet addiction and depression are separate diagnoses, they often overlap with one another.

The next time you are glued to Instagram or splurge on many pairs of designer shoes we encourage you to reflect and ask yourself if you are okay.

6. The slightest things set you off


Irritably is a common sign that most people overlook. If you find that you are more impatient  when you are waiting in line at the grocery store, or get agitated when the light turns red at stop lights. There may be more going on underneath your size and frustration.

Teariness is also an indicator then you may have depression. Small issues can feel enormous when you are depressed, you may notice that you are crying more easily than usual or have trouble controlling you tears.

Depression has an odd way of overwhelming us and instead of repressing our feelings we should let them out naturally. And learn not be so hard on ourselves.

Do you think you might be struggling with depression?

We want you to know that you are not alone and we are here to help you.


Please share your thoughts with us below in the comments.


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