Parenting in the Twenty-first Century

We are offering a 52-week certified court ordered parenting-coparenting class that will be facilitated by Dr. Jackie Nguyen, Psy.D., Psychological Assistant, who is a certified instructor for this course. You can complete a course in 10 weeks and receive a certification upon successful completion. 

This certified parenting-coparenting class will teach you important skills to change the way you think and feel. It will transform you as a parent and your life. Learning skills in effective communication strategies, stress management, forgiveness, and emotional awareness will not only improve your personal lives with your child/children, but also your occupational and social relationships. The skills taught using our approach is much broader than just simply “parent training”, it is about educating you as a parent  a variety of areas that will ultimately help improve your parenting skills.

Parenting is one of life’s most difficult challenges. There is nothing wrong with making parenting mistakes. It is how we learn from those mistakes and move forward that is most important. You will learn how to use new parenting tools in your daily life and why the use of these skills will make a difference in how you feel and how your child/children and your loved ones will perceive you.




The class will be held at the office at 1011 N. Begonia Ave., Suite 1009, Ontario CA 91762. Please call or email us for details.



What You Will Learn

Parenting in the Twenty-first Century, 10 Tools for Better Parenting


Tool # 1 Parenting Styles and Related Child Characteristics

o Parenting Styles

o Top Four Parenting Styles

o The Consequences of Parenting Styles

o The Influence of Sex, Ethnicity or Family Type

Tool # 2 Understanding Who Our Children Are

o Your Child’s Developmental Stage

o Your Child’s Temperament/Your Temperament

o Your Child in Your Family

o Your Child as a Sibling: Dealing with Rivalry

o Your Child Outside of your Family

o Your Child and Stress

Tool # 3 Being Present- The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child is You!

o Demonstrating Love

o Staying Attentive

Tool #4 Role Modeling for our Children

o Your Past

o What are you modeling today?

Tool # 5 Empathy

o Emotions and Our Life

o Why Emotions are Important

o Lack of Empathy

o Why Social Awareness is Important

o How can you learn to Be More Empathic?

o Promoting Empathy in Your Children

o Empathic Listening

o Empathic Communication

o Acceptance

Tool # 6 Communication

o Communicating our Real Emotions

o Harmful Communication Patterns

o The Assertive Communication

 Send Clear Messages

 Learn How to Listen

 Express Complaints Respectfully

 The Younger Child

 The Older Child- Using the Magical Formula

 Acknowledge Your Part in Conflicts

o Learning How to Communicate with Children

o Tips For Communicating with Children

Tool # 7 Discipline

o Purpose of Discipline

o Your Discipline Approach and Philosophy

o General Principles of Discipline

o Boundaries and Good Parenting

o Tips for Setting Boundaries

o Rewards and Consequences for Children

Tool # 8 Stress Management

o Stress and Your Physical Health

o Stress and Your Mental Health

o Stress and the Workplace

o Parenting Stress

 Caring for Ourselves as Parents

 Dealing with the Everyday Pressures of Parenting

o What is Stress?

 4 Steps to Stress Management

o Social Support

o Ten Tips to Reducing Stress

Tool # 9 Children and Divorce

o Guidelines for Divorced Parents to Live By

o Rules for Divorcing Parents

Tool # 10 Co-Parenting, Step parenting and Single Parenting

o Co-parenting

 General guidelines for co-parenting

 Tips for Co-parenting

o Step parenting

o Types of blended/step families

o Becoming a Step Family

o Stepfamily Problems and Concerns

o Single Parenting