What is Phobia? What are Phobia’s different Aspects?

What is Phobia? What are Phobia’s different Aspects?

What is Phobia? What are Phobia's different Aspects?

An answer to, What is phobia?


The answer to the question of what phobia is, “Phobia is a fearful response to an event or situation that happened sometime back in the past.” I’ll give you a little analogy.

If a child fell over a log and accidentally fell into a nest of bees or wasps and got stung by many different wasps or bees and walked away from the incident pretty much injured, shocked, and traumatized by the actual event, then anything resembling the bee/wasp incident becomes a conditioned stimulus that elicits a conditioned response of fear.

To understand more on what phobia is, we have a second question:

Why do we get phobias ?

The question is, “Why would you choose to develop a phobia?”

Well, we don’t actually choose falling, per se, consciously. It’s like I mentioned earlier, it’s an event that would have happened in the past in which we respond to unconsciously and consciously to that stimulus through the triggering of what’s happened presently. We do not choose to have a phobia, but have been conditioned to fear certain stimuli; such as bees, spiders, elevators, heights, etc.

What are the Most common phobias?

The most common phobias are

  • Public speaking
  • Fear of spiders
  • Flying
  • Swimming in the water
  • Being alone

There are so many different concepts and ideas of what makes us fearful in our lives that cause us to respond and react stressfully and anxiously towards any given event.

What is Phobia? What are Phobia's different Aspects?

What are effects of phobias?

How does a phobia affect people’s lives to the extent that, it can even stop them from leaving their house? It can stop them living in their home as well. The phobia can interfere with the person’s daily functioning and prevent one from enjoying their life, try new things, engage in activities they desire, become avoidant, etc.

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