Why We Should Smile More – The Power of Smiling!

Why We Should Smile More – The Power of Smiling!

Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

It was always hard for me to make new friends or even keep a conversation with someone, unless I knew them for ages. I kept a straight face almost all the time when I was in public or around people I didn’t know well.

When I decided to make a change and start doing exercises and losing weight, it had a tremendous impact on my life. Suddenly, everything became simple, such as talking to people, making new friends, or even keeping a conversation with a stranger. When I looked back to see reasons behind this change, I realized that it was the simple act of smiling!

Of course, it was the increase in my self esteem that led to me being able to smile in the first place, but it was that smiling that made everything possible.

Why We Should Smile More #1

Positive Effects:

Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

Smiling can have a very positive effect on your well being. When you smile more, your body releases endorphin and other mood enhancing hormones. It lowers cholesterol and other stress inducing hormones. It also lowers blood pressure.

Why We Should Smile More #2

Fake Smiling?

Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

When you fake a smile, your brain will also think that you’re smiling. So, it will release endorphin and make you feel great, but it doesn’t have the same effect on those around you.

Why We Should Smile More #3

Importance of Smiling :

Scientists have found that smiling more can make us as happy as eating 2000 bars of chocolate or receiving $25,000. A smile can help through the pain, because endorphin has an effect similar to morphine to help with the pain. When a child falls on the ground and is about to cry, the parent tries to make them laugh. Suddenly they forget about crying. It’s not that they’re distracted now, but it’s more like the endorphin is easing the pain.

Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

Smiling is very important to the existence of us human beings. Smiling is the first facial expression we learn to control. Our brains can recognize a smile even from 90 meters away, while only being able to recognize other facial expressions from half the distance.

Why We Should Smile More #4

Example of Children:

Shortly after babies are born, they start smiling in their sleep and by the age of 1 month, they actually learn smiling. Children smile on average around 400 times a day while an average adult smiles only 20 times a day.

We should learn a lesson from children. They don’t have high standards for smiling. On a research conducted on children, one group of children was placed in a room full of toys, while the other group was placed in an empty room. The surprising result is that both groups smiled just as much!

Why We Should Smile More #5

The Difference Between a Fake and a Genuine Smile:

Our ability to determine if someone is genuinely smiling or faking a smile varies from one to another. A fake smile only uses the muscles in the corners of the mouth and it is called the social smiling. A genuine smile uses both the muscles in the corners of the mouth and the muscles around the eye socket.

Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

Some of us can detect fake smiling easier than others and the way we can detect a fake smile is that it is contagious . When we see someone smiling, we tend to smile back at them, but we also try to mimic them. So when we mimic their smile, our brain compares that to our genuine smile and can determine if it’s a fake or a genuine smile.

There has been research conducted on how we can detect fake from real smiling. Students were asked to put a pencil between their lips and try detect a fake from a real smile. They couldn’t because they couldn’t mimic a smile with a pencil between their lips.

Why We Should Smile More #6

Impact of Smile on Life:

Smiling has a great impact even on your business life. When you smile, you’re more approachable. It is easier for people to talk to you, because they feel better just from looking at you. That’s the main reason why we love being around kids.

Smiling also proves competence, confidence, and the ability to cope with stressful situations. That’s why it’s advised to smile during a job interview.

Why We Should Smile More #7

Study about Smile:

In a very well known yearbook study, they studied women who smiled more and had genuine smiles. They discovered that they had lived happier lives than the rest of them.

Smiling is also good for learning new skills. When you’re learning skydiving for the first time, you’re taught to smile while doing it, because it takes the stress away and makes you relaxed and comfortable.
Why We Should Smile More - The Power of Smiling!

Always remember that the more you smile, the more you’re comfortable with smiling. It will be more natural to smile. With the simple act of the smiling you can change your life to the better.

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